Posted by: amica | January 26, 2010

Learning In Progress

I am researching! Specific information has been difficult to find because the clinics that do these programs want you to pay before you learn. I did stumble across someone suggesting the book  What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child by By Glenn Doman® 

I am going to purchase this book to see if it is as good as it sounds.  Also, Christine, is putting together some things too that I’m sure she will be sharing soon so keep checking. So far I have learned the following are part of the neurological reorganization exercises:

Tummy Crawling
Creeping on hands and knees
Spinning (around in chairs, sit-n-spin, twirling around,etc)

There is a lot of talk about patterns and that they aren’t done all at once but throughout the day. I am still working on this one. Also, sensory stimulation, vestibular stimulation, and whole body reflexive movements are incorporated. I will let you know when I know!



  1. Updated the link to show this one too. Great stuff Laynie!

  2. We got a balance board (the round ones used for improving fitness) for the kids for xmas and yesterday eldest was in the middle of a massive fit of defiance. I pulled that darn thing out and told him to forget about everything except balancing. In 3 minutes (despite it being really hard for him to balance) he was smiling and laughing and within 5 minutes he was ready to apologize to me and his sister (having to apologize was part of what had set him off in the first place.) It’s amazing to see what these exercises can accomplish!

  3. I read the book…it is ok but the Masgutova Method is so much better. We’ve been doing that and have seen alot of progress in our kids.

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