Posted by: amica | January 5, 2010

Sharing the Crazy

Essie’s comment yesterday made me realize I forgot to share some of the crazy! I am so sorry! This is a GOOD one!

Last month, before school was out for the holidays, I received a call from the after school care. They had an opening for H. I had tried to get her in at the beginning of the year but they were full. This is a free program because the school received a grant and it is for enrichment, good supervision, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, H got in. I went and filled out the necessary paperwork and had a talk with the supervisor and H’s new after school teacher to make them aware of the RAD. They nodded and smiled and said, oh yes, we have kids that like to tell stories. I nodded and smiled and thought you ain’t seen nothing yet. So the following Monday was her first day at the program. I get there to pick her up and a lady asks, “Are you H’s mom?” I nod ever so slowly. “She is in the supervisor’s office waiting for you.” Of course she is. So I walk down to the office and there is my little RADling sitting at a table writing. The supervisor is at her desk on the phone. I walk over to H and give her a hug. She looks at me sheepishly and I asked if she had a bad day. She hands me the paper she had been writing. I read about how they were all out at recess and H was holding on to a pole going round and round. An older girl, 5th grader, came over and told H that her skirt was blowing up. (H is never, ever, ever, ever allowed to wear skirts without at least shorts underneath. This day not only did she have shorts, she had leggings too.) So my little darling turns and responds with, “That’s ok because my mom is a stripper and she takes me to work with her sometimes.” My face is growing red as I am reading. H’s teacher comes over and says we need to sit and talk.  Oh yes, I think that is a splendid idea. So we four gather around the table and the supervisor proceeds to tell me what I had just read. She follows with the little girl begins to tease H about her stripper mama and H pushes her down and takes off running. Now, on the paper H had written, she says she ran off with a boy to hide. When I questioned them about this, because I had made it VERY clear from the start there should be NO unsupervised contact with boys, they looked at me puzzled. The supervisor turned and questioned H about this. H says she forgot to tell them this part. I asked during all this WHERE WERE THE ADULTS?? They respond that there were 3 adults monitoring and if H had a problem she should have gone to one of them instead of taking it upon herself. I ask H to step out into the hallway so I could continue this discussion without her. I explained (again) that H won’t come tell an adult about any problem she is having because she doesn’t TRUST adults. It has to be the adults to WATCH for H to have any trouble. We continued on and finally decided in the end that we would take it day by day and keep in communication.

When I asked H in the car why she said that about me….she said she wanted to sound cool.



  1. Aw, she wanted to make you sound cool… so sweet of her. LMAO!!! I just don’t even know what I would do, hemorrage from the brain to start with. I would fall over dead maybe.
    It sounds like you are really good at being firm with the program. It’s not always easy to do that.

    • Essie, I am on my 5th year of parenting and I have just gotten to where I can put my foot down. People either annoy me more or I care less – either way it is working!

  2. I would have been thinking of all the ways to harm my child at that point! BUT… You have got to give her credit. She is creative. Just think of all the other “cool” things she could said you did! Thank you for the laugh…. at your expense of course! 🙂

    Much love, Dia

  3. Hmmmm, the good news is that H doesn’t seem to think being a prostitute is cool (though stripper is just a stiletto heel away from it!). Oh we have so got to get together….when my son called me from the psych hospital I was a ho! Maybe we can trade trade secrets?

    • Sounds good to me! We could share our double-life stories over Xanex! Seriously, how far are you from San Antonio?

  4. Come on over and pick up an award!!!!

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