Posted by: amica | December 11, 2009


Ok, so I am not the most festive person this year. It isn’t any fun. Shopping isn’t even any fun and I LOVE to shop, especially for my kids. But this year is different. This year changes have been made and they can’t have the things they want. There are no video game devices left in the house except the wii and they are only allowed interactive games – no sit and stare at the tv games. M wants marble roller coasters and remote-controlled hummers but he can’t have things with several pieces. He has some issue with parts. In the last month, I have found over a dozen pen shells. The other parts of the pens end up everywhere. If he hasn’t chewed them up. Oddest thing to me. H wants things that would never fit in our house. We are pretty snug as it is. Basically, they will be getting things and they will like them but it won’t be their heart’s desire and I won’t be sitting on pins and needles waiting to see their faces. Just different this year…necessary, but different.  Makes me feel even worse because I know that isn’t what Christmas is all about and I tell my kids that it isn’t. I don’t think my mood is even about the stuff but the more I understand we aren’t what I planned for us to be, the harder everything gets. But I will get used to it with time.

M gets his psychological testing on the 22nd and H on Jan 5th. I am so ready to see the results so I know more about their individual needs.

New babysitter is awesome in every way except – I think she thinks I am mean by having M and H stay in their rooms until I come home. It’s 1.5 hours to do their homework and then they can read if they finish. I explained that most kids hang out in their rooms much longer than that, I know I did. Mine are just required to on school days.

I’ve had so many appts in the last couple of weeks for the kids and for myself. The boss man says I needed to schedule that root canal on a weekend….????? The bigger boss man, different company, says if boss man wants to fire me for it, he will hire me next day. Good to know but I don’t like people being mad at me…:(  I am such a wimp!

AE’s dad came in for her birthday – just what she wanted! My baby is 3! Her favorite phrases are: Leave me alone! I hate you! What the heck?? and….I love you so much Momma!

Sweet-Potato-Pumpkin-Pie, I love you so much too!



  1. A few weeks before Christmas we go through our stuff and get rid of anything we don’t want anymore, especially things that others might really enjoy. This is to “make room for their new Christmas presents.” Before we had a limit of 3 gifts, we told the kids that the more they got rid of, the more room they had for new things. The adopted children’s rooms are deliberately kept pretty sparse, but there is still plenty of stuff.

    In the last few years we’ve added some new traditions (oxymoron I know) to bring back the reason for the season. The kids get only 3 gifts (just like Jesus), and we give Jesus gifts (kind of like New Year’s Resolutions, but things we think Jesus would want us to do).

    Chewing pens – Bear does this too. We finally got him a dog chew toy! I think it’s an oral fixation.

    Bossman sounds like a real jerk!

    Don’t you just love the things our little ones learn from their siblings?! At least you get the “I love yous” too!!

    Mary in TX

  2. Welcome to the world of special needs kiddos!

    Merry Christmas!

    Hang in there my friend!


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