Posted by: amica | November 23, 2009

Freaky Friday it Was

AE got her first ever stomach bug!  It lasted from noon to almost 10PM. It was sad, at times scary, but I was so proud of my little trooper. She didn’t freak out or cry about it but she did get pretty pissed every time that bowl was pushed in front of her face. I think she thought that mere action would make her ERP! She fell asleep on a pallet in the livingroom floor and I stared at her slept on the couch all night. Then she was fine. Short lived, thankfully!

Therapy (I hear thunderous music in my head) Wow. Are you ready?

It was H’s turn to go first so she goes in for her neurofeedback.  Usually both kids have their NFB and then we join together for a chat. Friday, I was brought in before M’s session. H was sitting there, looking….weird. Together they told me that during the NFB, Dr J saw H jump and turn white. H told her she saw someone sitting in the other chair. A dead person. I asked H if she still could see this; she claimed he was still there. Not like a ghost, but like a pale, bloody dude. She says this happens sometimes, seeing people and not sure if they are really there. Then she began telling us about the people who live in her head. I can’t remember their names, except for Crazy. He is the one that tells her to do bad things. Oh, and one of them just had a baby. Yep! A pregnant person was living in her head but they gave birth recently. Anyway, she brought up all these things about the past and things she’s experienced. She showed Dr J the scars where someone attacked her with a knife when she was an infant. She has used those scars so many times. Last week those same scars were from a kid pushing her down at school. The week before, from something scratching her while she slept. I could tell Dr J was looking at my expressions to gather my feelings on all this. After H was excused, I looked right at Dr J and told her I don’t believe any of it. But she looked SO scared! Don’t get me wrong, I am VERY concerned. Do I believe my daughter sees dead people? Nope. Do I believe my daughter has different people in her head. Nope. Do I think there is a severe problem with the fact that in 10 minutes she told/acted like there were dead people, voices in her head, went on and on with the tales without ever pausing, that she can tell these stories as easily as I can tell you my name? YES! Yes, yes, yes!  She spews it out there, mixing up the past with the present, with movies, and with books. All mashed together to make these amazingly wild and freaky stories she calls her life. Dr J mentioned compulsive liar and I am thinking AT LEAST! Can’t wait for those evals in Feb.




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