Posted by: amica | November 13, 2009

New News

So I am here and I am tired. I was telling someone earlier that I feel like a SIMS character.  Anyone played that? I used to be addicted. Must have your character get a job and do well at the job to move up. They also have to exercise and read and eat and use the potty and make friends and keep friends and get enough sleep – all to keep the game going. Sounds like normal life but you only have so much time and some days you have to miss work to catch up on sleep or talk to other characters to keep their friendships or read to learn how to not burn the house down – you juggle it all, give and take, rob Peter to pay Paul, and that is my life. Sounds like all of your lives too, I expect.

I am tired but I am not down. Actually quite the opposite! The CRCG meeting went really well and I am in the process of making calls and getting things done. And I think I finally am coming around to the fact that my kiddos are not “normal” and by that I mean, it is okay for us not to be a normal family that does normal things. And I can correct my children about things that other parents might find as being too strict.  This doesn’t make me a bad mom. This doesn’t make you a bad mom, Laynie!!! See, I am coming around. Running low on time now so I am going to bullet:

Still trying to find childcare so my mom can have her life back and I can feel like a grown-up again.

Little AE has learned this adorable saying that she uses all the time now….I HATE YOU!!!! So cute….

M and H are scheduled for emotional and intellectual psych evals in Feb and they take our insurance!!!

Worried about our therapist because she mentioned at our last session that she feels the kids are attaching to me….and her.  ?????? Just going to hang in for the neurofeedback until I find someone better – which the psych test guy says after we get back the results he can refer us to some RAD knowledgable people!

M has been suspended once and had detention 5 times…in a month

H still lives in her own world…was telling a stranger (to her) last night all about things that happened when she was a baby…like “I crawled up and got my mom’s pills down off the counter, opened them up and took a couple – made me sleepy – this happened when I was a year old”…and so forth. This is a typical conversation with her, at least the drama and non-truth of it.

I am ready to quit letting things slide and quit feeling bad when it seems I am on them every 5 min. I am ready to learn some things to keep in my arsenal, to change it up. I am ready again to fight this head on, to save my kids! Any tips???



  1. hooray for the psych evals!! I don’t know how you do all you do.

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