Posted by: amica | September 24, 2009


So much….

AE’s dad arrived from Utah last night to help out for a week or so in my mom’s absence. It is so nice that we have a good relationship and I can call upon him when I need help. I really wish AE could be around him more…

My aunt is still declining and it is so painful. Selfishly, I am glad I’m not there to see her suffer. My mom is, this is the 2nd time in the same amount of years she has cared for a dying loved one. She is so strong.

I am sad but I have made the decision that we can’t attend the Katharine Leslie seminar in a couple of weeks. I can’t keep planning around my aunt’s condition. If she is still here then…if she isn’t then….the funeral….I just can’t – it isn’t right. It is added stress too and I think that goes against the whole point anyway…

It’s raining and raining – not a bad as Georgia (Hi Lisa! Glad you are ok!) but it is dreary and chilly and wet…making me dreary myself.

M and H are good. M still not liking/doing the homework thing and get this: he attends a science academy and he assumed the science fair project was OPTIONAL! sheesh…

H is….well, she is fake shocked, fake sick, fake hurt, fake drama, playing dumb and if she is doing anything other than this…I have missed it. I wish I knew her…



  1. Wet, soggy, wave from Georgia.

  2. Have I told you how proud I am of you lately? Because I am.

  3. I am so, so sorry about your aunt. I know how scared, sad, and worried you must be, and my heart and prayers go out to all. I’m hoping and praying for better days for all of us. And a vacation. Laynie–we need to work out some way to take a vacation. Just adults. Just women. Just… breathe…

    • Sounds amazing….

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