Posted by: amica | September 19, 2009

Major Issue

I want to switch to Blogger! This is my major issue! I know, with all the other things going on around here it is nice to post something that’s not really a biggie though.  But I read so many blogs that use Blogger and… The themes! The choices! I want to jump over there RIGHT NOW! Do I just leave my new address posted here and expect that everyone will follow me there??? Would you??

Oh! and can I bring all this (past posts) over there??? Anyone know??



  1. Personally, I think wordpress is a much better platform than blogger, but you can switch over to blogger and transfer all your posts and info from this blog.

    There should be something in your wordpress control panel that will allow you to download all your information. Then you can import it to your new blog.

    As far as getting people to the new site, post a link here and people will follow. Or you may be able to set up a redirect to the new site from this one.

    • Thanks! I like wordpress but it seems very limiting, or I am just limited ;).

  2. Of course we’d follow!!!!!!

  3. I can talk you through it….

  4. I think the grass may be greener…. there are advantages to both imo. But I think you can set up a blogspot blog, then ‘import’ this blog over there.

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