Posted by: amica | September 1, 2009

I Suck

If I have ever given the impression that I have all this together, I apologize because nothing could be further from the truth.  I am too tired every day to do something or another. Whether it is to fix a good meal or keep complete tabs on my kids. I am not as hyper vigilant as I need to be and I know it, which probably makes it worse. AE runs from one end of the house to the other faster than I can get out of a chair. I don’t always check M’s backpack, I tune H out so much of the time because of her lying and stories that I miss important stuff, I get lazy and think they’ll be ok for 5 min if I am not right on top of them. So far I have been right (as far as I know) but I won’t always be and then what? I am not the mom I want to be but I am not giving up on myself.



  1. Just discovered your blog, and can definitely relate to the feelings you express in this post.

  2. Congratulations.

    You’re normal.

    Join the club. We have a really cool handshake, membership badge and there are NO DUES!


  4. I really don’t ever want to hear you say you suck especially about your parenting. You are a great mom who is juggling way more than the normal parent is expected to juggle and you do it with love and grace. Welcome to the RAD mom club. It feels like it is never enough or right or exactly what they need so much of the time for me that sometimes I want to turn in my membership and say “HEY someone made a mistake, elect someone else” but then I just pick myself up and focus on one small thing and go from there. I’ll teach you the handshake but you have to get your badge from Christine!

  5. I wasn’t gonna post but feel I have to now. You sucked at building cables while smoking out back. We both sucked at designing the application for our company “JoeLay” or “LayJoeWare” (or what the hell we were gonna call the company) where we were gonna make millions in ’98. You suck at things that doesn’t matter. You unsuck at who you are. You unsuck at raising three kids on your own. You unsuck at teaching your children about God. I think the unsucks out weights the sucks in this short response alone. Unsuck (verb)-To improve the condition of something and bring it to a state of kickass…btw you got better at building cables 😉

  6. Yeah. What they said.

    What we do is impossibly hard but we keep doing. Showing up every day and doing the impossible.

    I’m waiting for the badge and handshake. 😉

  7. whoever Joe is, great comment!!! LOL!

  8. Joe is an old and dear friend from my beginning days as a contractor; I was fresh out of the AF and a young, blonde, naive, chick. He has been there for me more times than I can count and he proves, as well as so many others, than no matter my flaws, I am AWESOME at selecting friends!

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