Posted by: amica | August 11, 2009

Too True Tuesday

Well, Ms Essie has started Too True Tuesday and I thought, awww I won’t be able to join in because I do nothing embarrassing and am proud of every moment in my life….HA!

One day, before AE was born, M, H and I went to WallyWorld to stand in the long bank line. While standing there, the lady in line behind me gently tapped my shoulder. She pointed out discreetly that my shirt was on wrong side out. Yes, in public. I blushed and could tell others in line behind me knew what she had just told me. I gave some dumb excuse and laughed uncomfortably. I turned back to the kids who were in front of me to act like it was no big deal. It’s not, I know, but ALL THOSE PEOPLE staring at my tag on the outside of my shirt was a little awkward. Anyway, I turned back to the kids, looked down and went to tuck H’s tag in on the back of her shirt. It was then that I realized that her shirt was on wrong side out too. The moment I figured it out, holding her tag in my hand and the blood rising to my face, the entire line behind me erupted in laughter. What does one do? I decided to laugh along and go straight home after to change myself and my daughter.



  1. Thanks for bringing a chuckle to my day. 🙂

  2. I needed the laugh too.

  3. LOL! With everyone laughing I think I might have died right there in line. Good job living thru it!!!
    Don’t forget to enter your link the the Mr linky thingamajigie so other people can come and find you!

  4. i am late in reading this, but thx for a good laugh.


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