Posted by: amica | June 30, 2009

As the World Turns

Wow – this neuro feedback doesn’t kid around.  My kids have gone from sly and sneaky to full-blown RAD-crazy!  It does get better, right?  Promise?  No kidding?

M bolted from my parents today. Apparently they have been having a fun and calm visit.  Today they were having lunch and M said he told the babysitters something H had said.  My mom gently said he needs to leave that stuff for the adults to decide. I should be the one to decide whether the babysitters should be talked to about something or not.  He didn’t like this and clammed up with THE LOOK. Mom said they (including my dad) should go for a walk.  Mom was trying to joke with M so he would relax but instead he took off.  Each of my parents went a different direction and surrounded him.  They went home but M was crying at this point.  In the house he yelled at my parents about how mean they are to him and this is why he hates visiting them.  Mom put him in his room, with the alarm on and called me.  I told her to check on him every 15-20 minutes and ask how he was feeling. She called later and said it took four times before he finally said he was ok.  She then gave him a Suduko book to work for awhile. I called a bit ago and they were playing cards.   He has 7 more days over there – I really thought he would hold it together much longer than the 4 days he’s been there.

H normally tells tales of dramatic scenarios but lately? Lately people are dying!  People I know!  She told a friend that AE’s aunt and uncle drowned last year trying to save their daughter!!!????  I just spoke to said aunt last week.  There are men walking around our house with guns – not today, other days but she figured I wouldn’t believe her if she told me.  The neighbors didn’t move to New Jersey, they were killed in a bank robbery.  So bizarre, I know there is some reason for this but I haven’t looked into it yet.

Tomorrow is a new day…



  1. We were doing EMDR therapy (in which apparently I pushed too hard), and came up with the same results/ issues as it sounds like you’re having. I didn’t recognize it though for a couple of months. We finally decided to stop the therapy because Kitty was too overwhelmed to function, but I still think it’s a good idea to do it now while they are relatively stable, and for yours, before puberty.

    Does it help to think of this as M (and H) working through his issues (which he has to do), and better now than later (or never)?

    Y’all will make it through this!

    Hugs and prayers,
    Mary in Texas

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