Posted by: amica | June 28, 2009

Spoke Too Soon

Apparently, I am having a hard time writing this post.   I keep finding excuses to put it off and didn’t even open the computer yesterday. So I will give bullets and go into detail when I feel more….able?

-M went on another computer porn spree Thursday early morning; he figured out my password by watching my fingers over time apparently…

-H busted out ceiling light cover in laundry room – shattered all over floor. She didn’t do it though, she was just found standing on the washing machine with a spring rod in hand…

-H got mad at the babysitters since they put her in her room with the alarm on at my request; she kicked out the window screen and took off.  Police were called and H was found in a  Luckily a nice man that called the police when he found her. This is where I find it hard…there is so much about this I still can’t wrap my brain around.

-H had meltdown Friday over eating her dinner – she was on the back porch with fingers in ears, yelling at me.

-Not even a month ago I was saying how blessed I was that neither of my RADishes were violent, threw fits, or were runners…



  1. I’ve been stupid enough to declare out loud how lucky we are to not have puke and feces issues. So, now it’s just a matter of time …

  2. oh scary, what is up with a strange man letting a young girl into his car….. something fishy there. I love the I didnt do it bit. My daughter stood in front of me with a broken toy and said, maybe it broke its own self.

  3. The running away and sitting in some strange man’s car thing is what freaks me out. S.C.A.R.Y. I’m glad we live in the middle of no where. Sounds like it is time for window alarms. I’m sorry that this sucks so much but you aren’t alone.

  4. Hugs Laynie. It will add up and wear you out. Be sure and take care of yourself too.

  5. Still thinking about how I’d handle all of this. Time for respite? I got alot of chores that will need doing at my house as soon as we return…. Big hugs!!!

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