Posted by: amica | May 4, 2009

Changes for Some

M is stuck to me like glue now.  First time EVER.  He has had several opportunities to go and do fun stuff but says he doesn’t want to be away from me…hmmm….I think somebody got the crap scared out of him!! The attitude meter is rising again but there were about 4 glorious days there…it was beautiful.

H was eating a freeze pop yesterday. She comes to me with it half eaten, tears streaming down her face, gasping for air, saying she can’t finish the freeze pop and needs to lie down because she doesn’t feel well. I saw this coming a mile away. I told her if she didn’t want to finish the popsicle that was fine, but there was no need to…BUT MOM – I AM SERIOUS!! I AM GOING TO PASS OUT!! The tears have turned into a flood!  Sheesh, ok child, go lie down. She continues to stand there, gets this ummm, “interesting” smirk on her face and then proceeds to skip away giggling that she was just kidding…I know, I know – it’s disturbing. I have tried the “go to bed and sleep since you are so sick” idea, out drama-ing her drama, out sick-ing her sickness, yet still it continues.  This morning she knocked on my bathroom door and I knew.  How did I know?  Because it’s the same every morning.  I opened the door and yep, there was my pathetic looking little girl.  I beat her to it and told her that she didn’t feel well, that her head hurt and her throat hurt and life as she knew it was coming to an end.  She initially looked relieved that I understood her deathly state but 2.5 seconds later she caught on to me and…MOM I AM SERIOUS!!  I CAN’T BREATHE!!!  MY HEART IS BEATING TOO FAST!!!!  I took her heart rate, assured her she would live and sent her to go get dressed.

And little bit, Miss AE, is talking so much more now.  She says adorable little things like “No Fair, Mama” and “I DON’T WANT TO!!” and “It’s too heavy” or “I’m too tired.”  Such a blessing older siblings are and the cute things they pass down.



  1. I’m sure H’s behavior is frustrating, but it sounds like you’ve really got a handle on what she’s doing and why. I’m sure it’s a relief to understand the reasons she keeps doing these things! And I’m glad you had a period of improvement with M. I’m hoping that things continue to get better! What’s the status of the legal situation? Thinking of you!!

  2. I’m just tickled pink the girls are home!!!!! Even if H is being a pain in the hiney.

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