Posted by: amica | April 25, 2009


Things are bad here.  Very bad.  Please pray for our family.



  1. Oh no, sweetie! What’s going on? I’ll definitely be praying for you, but please let me know if I can do more. I’m here if you need to talk…

  2. Ah geeez, I had to make that SAME POST just over a week ago! I don’t know your specific darkness, but I do know that means it is very, very dark.

    I just stopped to pray, specifically, for all of you. I know what it’s like to be you. It is hard. It is so, soooooooooo hard.

    Don’t know you, but I love you.

    And will converse with God about you all day.


  3. I am thinking of ALL of you and praying. Couldn’t leave a voice message. I am nearby and here as you need me.

  4. Hang in there. You have a closet you can hide in? Chocolate? I’ll be hoping that things turn around for you SOON!!!

  5. sending positive thoughts your way. You do what you think is best for YOUR kids!

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