Posted by: amica | April 22, 2009


Not those kind!!!  This kind:

* M is still stealing…found a necklace that is near and dear to me but worth about $5 in his dresser drawer last night. Not sure when he took it since I have the alarm on my door now… I just asked if he needed it for something so he would know I found it. He said no, of course.

* H has started speaking in baby-talk. She didn’t even do this when I got her at 3 yrs. I just tell her I do not speak that language. Any insight on why she is doing this all of a sudden?? At 8 1/2???

* Found bruises in AE’s back. I am sure it is normal 2-year-old stuff and she does tattle so…I am still keeping her close by just in case.

* I am currently listening to Healing Trust and I am feeling stronger by the minute!!

* The babysitter is watching the DVD’s and reading the books I give her about RAD. She is being so wonderful especially since M has been stealing from her house. Two problems: Her adult son (she lives with her son, D-in-law, and grandson) has decided that since his son has been in trouble too that he will take the boys around the neighborhood to pick up trash as punishment. I have explained that the restitution needs to repay the person he harmed directly and I don’t see how this will work. They are out of school Friday and I have heard that he still plans to take the boys around. Am I wrong to feel irritated that he is punishing MY child since his mom (the babysitter) and I have already agreed on his restitution??? Other problem: M can’t play nicely with other children, (surprise, surprise) so he is SUPPOSED to be the babysitters shadow. If she takes the kids outside, he should sit next to her with a book or something. Same for inside. I had earlier found out he was still getting to play with her grandson so I spoke to her again. She said she just feels sorry for him and I explained that I realize it’s hard but he can’t heal if he is allowed to get away with things. He will only be there till August when school starts and she is convenient and I trust my children are safe there. Should I just ride it out, continuing to speak to her about it, and hope the resources I have provided her will cause her to change soon? (That was a long bullet!)

*   Everyone have a great Hump Day!!



  1. Here are my thoughts….
    Tell M. if he needs to “borrow” your necklace (or anything else of yours)again to please ask next time. You won’t be mad and you will help him understand why he wants to have your things close to him.
    M. and cleanup. Might not be worth fighting and could help him. Maybe you could “spin” it differently for him. ( if you got in trouble like ___ did itwould be good if someone helped you too so you will need to help him on Friday…) Stay on the babysitter and ASK her if she can do what your child needs or not? Do it nicely 🙂
    H and baby talk isn’t bad. She is showing you where she is and what she needs right now. When she wants to be two let her be two. Add baby stuff for her to do. Baby toys, cuddle time, and crawling (see Christine’s posts on crawling.) All my kids have gone through the need to “show” me their baby milestones (mom I can feed myself, mom I can crawl, mom I washed my face by myself) once they started “bonding”.

    Check your email from me when you can ok?

  2. Yeah….what Dia said…..

  3. I love hearing that the baby talk is evidence of bonding!

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