Posted by: amica | April 20, 2009

Need Ideas

I need your help, my Internet lovelies!!  June 9th is M, H, and my 5 year anniversary of being together.  I like the term “gotcha day!” that someone used recently.  Anyway, every year we always celebrate by going somewhere fun, just us.  This year, since they are older, I would like to give them a gift – something meaningful but also something appropriate for both a boy and a girl.  I am racking my brain!!  Please help!



  1. Our “Gotcha’ Day” this past week was also the day we got to send in our petition to adopt them. So, our big gifts were actual wedding bands from James Avery – just plain silver bands they wear on their right hand. We engraved the date on the inside of the day we brought them home. Made a big deal about love never ending, like the circle of their bands never end.

    They LOVE the rings.

  2. I make a little scrapbook for my kids each year with the past year’s events in it for their Gotcha Days and The Husband bakes something special. They wake up to candles and sweets for breakfast with good memories to be shared.

  3. Oh! Christines idea is way better than mine, but here it is anyway. Dig up a casual photo with all 3 of you in it, baby too if available, set it up in a pretty or “tough guy” frame and put in the court paper you got when you finalized. You could even make a montage sort of thing. But you have to be in the pics with them.
    Geez, it took me all day to answer you with an idea. I would blame it on Monday if I didnt stay home all week long lol.

  4. Here are a few websites I found that specialize in “gotcha day” gifts. I sort of like the idea of customizing dog tag pendants.

    • I like the dog tag idea!! Especially for M who is worried about anything looking too “girly”

  5. What great ideas!! Funny that I didn’t think of the ring thing – When my parents (mom & stepdad) married, they took a diamond from my mom’s first wedding ring (to the sperm donor) and made me a wedding ring with their wedding date engraved on the inside. I love the frame idea too, we are going to the beach for a few days next month, bet we could get some good pics of us then!

  6. Tuba – I have a large moving box full of pictures along with a laptop containing many megs of jpegs. I WISH I was a scrapbooker, I have a lot of the supplies that have never been opened. I have even considered paying someone to make scrapbooks for me…so, so sad.

  7. OMG, I have the same issue with scrapbooking! I love the stuff- so pretty and colorful, and coordinated already! All those neat scissors and gorgeous papers, stamps and ribbons. And their organizers- scrapbooking has the best organizer stuff. Ever try to organize yarn and needles? Not easy. It can be done but is not easy.
    Anyway, I have a ton of the stuff. In a really great organizer. Currently stuffed behind my couch where it will be handy if I ever decide to open it!

  8. Piping in late…you all are fast and smart (hope that comes out the way I meant it….)! We got “ID” bracelets for the boys engraved with their names and date they joined our family. They are pretty “masculine” looking. My daughter has a charm bracelet that we add a charm to every anniversary date and adoption date. The first charm was a heart with her name and arrival date. We also do sweet bfast with candle and they pick dinner meal (in or out) and TYPE of dessert. We then do a picture and frame it.

    Scrapbooking is something I used to do with one kid. Now I too have boxes BUT I did discover sh*tterfly and I have used it to compile a book (like TirubaTuba) of pictures (sometimes taking extra shots of favorite stuffed animals, school bldg, friend, our front door, etc.) of each child during the past year. They love them and we keep them out on the coffee table(so they don’t destroy in fit of rage) and use them throughout the year.

    Sorry so longwinded!


  9. Oh, I forgot. We also do “things” in that number to get all the kids involved in a nonthreatening way since my oldest has younger sibling “issues” (i.e. animo tsity). So on his recent 2 year anniversary we did things in twos. Two glasses of milk, two chocolate kisses in his lunch, two hugs goodmorning, etc. All the other kids dealt with him in “twos” as the spirit moved them and he was able to handle that really well.

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