Posted by: amica | April 19, 2009

First Meeting

We met the therapist today.  She is sooo nice and she started by talking with the kids.  This first session, all 3 of us attended together.  After today, 1 kid and I will meet at a time. She asked why they felt they were there and I am glad to say she wasn’t answered in silence but the responses were pretty vague.  After a little chit-chat, she had them go into another room and either draw or write about what RAD is to them. During this time, I filled her in on the details. She verified that they both experienced physical trauma in the past based on things I told her.  She said unless they talked about it or ever remembered it, there was no way to know but from what I said, there were more than just red flags. I always have thought this but I wasn’t fully prepared to KNOW it. I am angry but have no one to point that anger at.  These kids have been exposed to a lot of people in their early years.  After we talked, she went and retrieved the kid’s assignments. H had drawn an Easter Egg surrounded by confetti to represent RAD.  Our cool-therapist-lady is trained in art therapy.  She pointed out the use of certain colors, the small compartments inside the egg, and most importantly, the chaos of confetti surrounding the egg.  H also drew me a picture.  I was the flower under a rainbow, a rainbow that included black and grey and brown.  The color closest to me was red which is not representative of love as I guessed, it’s anger. I, the flower, was also red. She used yellow as the outermost layer to show her shiny outside everyone else gets to see. 

M chose to write and he didn’t want me to read it.  He left it covered for her to get later and read.  She will share the information with me at our next visit. He seemed to like her, as well as he can like a person that will want him to reveal his emotions.

She then did a demo of neuro-feedback and then M was hooked!  Therapy with a video game??? Where your brain is the control??!! He wants one at home!  It was a good visit and we are going back Friday.  She says twice a week for now and will do half sessions of neuro-feedback and the other half with me and each kid.  I don’t much about this tool and how effective it has proven to be.  She says she has seen much progress with it and RAD kids.  I like her, the kids are interested and her price is amazing!  I am going to go with it and see where it leads.  She was sure to let us all know that if we had any concerns or any changes we wanted to make, she was completely open to try new things.  In the end if we don’t feel she is right for us, she will help us find someone that is.

Here we go!!



  1. Yay! Yay! Yay!
    I’m standing up and cheering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We used neurofeedback everyday for 2 years.

  2. Laynie–that’s awesome!!! Let’s hear it for answered prayers–I’m so happy for you!

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