Posted by: amica | April 9, 2009


Why is it that my kids have to go without therapy because I don’t make enough to pay for the outlandish fees? How does someone go into a profession to HELP people but then demand they pay $150+ an hour?? $75/hr isn’t enough? If you really cared about my kids, it would be!  What about those of us with multiple RAD kids that have to double and triple that amount?? My kids can’t have the opportunity to get good mental care because a therapist needs/wants to bring in a grand a day?? It’s crazy to me!  I am on the last 3 therapists in this city that have a clue what RAD is.  I have left voice mails for all 3, actually one is 2 hours away. What happens when those 3 quote me a price I can’t afford? I have called over 50 offices in the last month, no kidding. No sliding scale?  No payment options? Nope!  Just give me $500 lady; the single mom of three that is trying like hell to save her kids!  I didn’t take them from a foster care situation so I can’t get financial help from the state and I make too much(??) for food/daycare help, and they aren’t adopted so I can’t go through the Family Counseling Center for discounted therapy.  This sucks!



  1. There’s got to be a way, and we are going to figure it out. If you are willing to drive, I have started the hunt here in Austin. Capital Area Mental Health Center does income based, sliding-scale, and they have Saturday appointments. I asked the lady who answered the phone to ask the 60+ therapists in that group if any of them have experience with RAD. I’ll let you know if I get a call back.

    • I love you! I have left a message with Austin Attachment and Counseling Center too! Worth a shot even if I have to drive!

  2. Ours did not come from foster care, so we were screwed for a long time! Finally, we found out that they qualified for Medicaid (five kids + pastor’s salary = help from the government). Made all the difference. Granted, I was ready to beg and cry at the feet of someone’s desk if we didn’t qualify.

    We’re driving two hours to therapy. Yet, she gets it. She gets us. She keeps us going. She supports my husband and I.


    • That’s wonderful! The problem here is that the ones that know RAD don’t usually take any insurance, even Medicaid. Worth a shot though!

      • No Medicaid for me 😦

  3. That totally sucks. I am in the same boat with my boys because they are so young (both are six) and no one where I live will see kids that young. Seriously.

    • Hey! Welcome! You were in my spam folder, you poor thing! Too young for therapy?? Ok, that’s a new one on me but somehow I am not surprised. There is something very wrong here – when children can’t be helped because of “technical difficulties” determined by the therapists themselves.

  4. Someone recommended this person to me also in Austin: We are new to this area (although I am from this state) so we haven’t decided about therapy. I think her rate might have be $120.

    Don’t know how far away Austin is for you. I know sometimes you can get folks to do intensive sessions so you aren’t driving every week but getting your time’s worth. Sounds like you are in TX. I am in Austin so “howdy” neighbor! It sounds like you are doing great. Remember their behavior comes out of fear (which manifests as anger) so it helps me to keep this image in my head of a very scared little kid everytime one of my two oldest gets mean or nasty. Lately I picture them as my 1 1/2 year old looks when she can’t get her point across of get what she wants and I find that helps me take a deep breath and do what I have to do calmly and consistently even if I feel really mean doing it. Don’t know if that will help for you. You really are doing great!


    • I’m in San Antonio! My parents live in Austin and we are usually there every couple of weeks. I will check out the link. Thanks!

  5. Oh, sweetie–I’m so sorry about this! How frustrating! Is there any chance the kids might qualify for social security disability?

    • I called and apparently I make too much money. Don’t get me wrong, those who are worse off than me should get all the help they can but what about looking at the situation instead of just the income? If I was single, I would be doing quite well for myself but because I have 3 dependents and don’t receive any financial help for two of them, shouldn’t that be taken into account? Sorry, just frustrated with the whole thing and I know there are others, many of them worse off. Thanks for suggesting it though, I hadn’t checked into that until you mentioned it and it was definitly worth trying!

  6. Check and see if Texas is a state that has “Katie Beckett” funding available. Last I heard 17 states have it. It allows for MA for kids with disabilites regardless of parent income. It can take quite awhile to process, 6- 12 months, but is well worth it. Emotional and behavioral disabilties count just as cerebral palsy and others do.
    I despise health insurance companies. The only reason I am home at all and able to write this comment at this moment is because I could not afford to work and pay health insurance premiums and have 2 children. The cost went so high at my job that I was going to owe money at the end of every month over my paycheck. By quitting my job, we qualified for state insurance since my husband is an independant contractor/ self employed. Basically we get the same insurance that farmers and such use. Since United and Humana have headquarters here, I can tell you that even working for them you have to pay $200 to $400 a month to have insurance from the health insurance company. That you work for. WTF! I mean, seriously WTF!!!
    Ok, I am done now. If your state does not have KB, maybe you could move (just kidding!).

    • wow! that is terrible!! I must remember to count my blessings on the benefits I DO get. Thanks so much for the link – I will get right on that!

  7. Ok never mind I went and looked it up. Check out this link it lists all the different programs available for children with special needs in Texas.
    Uh, I hope you are ‘there’. It was really hard for me to wrap my brain around the idea that my child is “special needs”. But she is. Which means she is eligible for programs designed to help her and not much else. It was a heavily loaded term for me to take but to get to the help needed I had to use it.

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